The List

Main Hall

Ascot, Final Furlong, 4.2% Best Bitter
B&T, Edwin Taylor’s Extra Stout, 4.5% Stout
Bank Top, Bad to the Bone, 4.0% Bitter
Blackedge, Black Stout, 4.0% Stout
Botley, IPA, 5.1% Strong Bitter
Bowmans, Yum,i 3.9% Bitter
Bowmans, Pukka Porter, 4.2% Porter
Brightwater, Ernest, 3.7% Bitter
Church End, Goats Milk, 3.8% Bitter
Church End, Gravediggers, 3.8% Mild
Church HanBrewery, Ale X (Unfined), 4.5% Best Bitter
Downton, Honey Blonde, 4.3% Speciality
Elusive, Sphere of Destiny (Unfined), 4.4% Best Bitter
Elusive, Level Up (Unfined), 5.0% Golden
Enville, Ginger, 4.6% Speciality
Firebird, Heritage, 4.0% Bitter
Firebird, Parody, 4.5% Best Bitter
Gloucester,  Gloucester Gold, 3.9% Golden
Gloucester,  West Coast Red (Unfined), 4.6% Strong Bitter
Hammerpot, Red Hunter, 4.3% Best Bitter
Hammerpot, RIPA,  5.0% Strong Bitter
Hanlons, Firecracker Stout, 4.2% Stout
Harveys, Old, 4.3% Old Ale/Strong Mild
Hogs Back, TEA Dry hopped, 4.2% Best Bitter
Hogs Back, Ripsnorter, 5.0% Strong Bitter
Kinver, Edge, 4.3% Best Bitter
Kinver, Black Ram, 5.2% Stout
Langham, Halfway to Heaven, 3.5% Bitter
Langham, Hip Hop, 4.0% Golden
Longdog, Golden Poacher, 3.9% Bitter
Longdog, Mosaic, 4.5% Golden
New Wharf, Voyage, 5.5% Strong Bitter
Paradigm, Roger Protz Ale, 4.5% Golden
Phoenix, Arizona, 4.1% Golden
Red Cat, Prowler, 3.6% Golden
Red Cat, Riesenrad, 2.7% Golden
Salopian, Shropshire, Gold 4.0% Bitter
Salopian, Boomerang, 6.9% Strong Bitter
Sarah Hughes, Dark Ruby Mild, 6.0% Old Ale/Strong Mild
Surrey Hills, Hammer Mild, 3.8% Mild
Surrey Hills, Shere Drop, 4.2% Best Bitter
Thurstons, Porter, 4.8% Porter
Thurstons, Best, 3.8% Bitter
Thurstons, Saison, 5.0% Speciality
Tillingbourne, The Source, 3.3% Golden
Tillingbourne, Summit, 6.0% Strong Bitter
Torrside, Calico (Unfined), 3.9% Speciality
Twickenham, Yakima Valley, 4.8% Strong Bitter
Twickenham, Redhead, 4.1% Best Bitter
Wimbledon, XXK, 4.8% Strong Bitter
Wimbledon, Copper Leaf, 4.2% Best Bitter
Windsor & Eton, Eton Boatman, 4.3% Golden
Windsor & Eton, Green hopped Guardsman, 4.2% Best Bitter

Wurlitzer Hall

Atlas, Latitude, 3.6% Speciality
Bewdley, Jubilee, 4.3% Best Bitter
Bond, Bengal Tiger, 4.3% Best Bitter
Bude, Neet Light Ale, 3.7% Bitter
Crafty, Crafty One, 4.2% Best Bitter
Dorking, Pilcrow Pale, 4.0% Bitter
Hillfire, California Gold, 4.3% Golden
Ilkley, Mary Jane, 3.5% Golden
Little Beer Co, Little Smooth, 3.5% Stout
Park, Ranger, 4.2% Golden
Thameside, Heron Ale, 3.7% Bitter
Track, Sonoma, 3.8% Golden
Triple fff, Moondance, 4.2% Golden
Triple fff, Comfortably Numb, 5.0% Strong Bitter
Upham, Autumn Leaves, 4.3% Best Bitter
West Berkshire, Maggs Mild, 3.7% Mild
West Berkshire, Good Old Boy, 4.0% Bitter